Reasons to choose custom blinds over store-bought blinds

You might be debating whether or not to go for store-bought blinds or custom blinds for your home in Gold Coast. For homeowners, the low price of store-bought blinds over custom-made blinds is its single attraction.

However, custom blinds Gold Coast provides benefits that store-bought blinds will never be able to provide.

Custom blinds are considered the best choice for any home in the Gold Coast. The reasons for choosing custom blinds over store-bought blinds include:


Exact fit for all your windows

The exact fit of your windows is provided by made-to-measure custom blinds. Custom blinds will fit any size, style, and shape of any window. The set size of mass-produced store blinds, on the other hand, is not likely to fit your windows. Your privacy as well as blocking out the harmful UV rays is compromised with ill-fitting blinds over your windows.


Available in a wide variety of colours, designs, and styles

Store-bought blinds show limited designs and colours. Not so with custom blinds where the choice is almost unlimited. The wide variety of materials, colours, and textures provided by custom blinds make them the best option to complement any home design.

Custom blinds give you the choice of whether to have them mounted outside or inside of the window frames. You can also choose the sides you want the controls on as well as the addition of finishing touches such as matching headrails or complementary valance.


High-quality blinds

Choosing custom blinds ensures high-quality blinds anytime and all the time. The durability of the materials used in custom blinds guarantees longevity. This is because only the best components and fabrics are used in custom blinds. The limited lifetime warranty included in custom blinds ensures the manufacturer’s guarantee with their product.

The mass production of ready-made blinds to keep the cost down makes their quality questionable. The common complaints of homeowners include fading of colours, warped slats, breakage, and more.


Opting for custom blinds include professional service

Professional service is included when you opt for custom blinds. This is to ensure that the exact measurement of all your windows is measured to make the installation a quick and simple process. Choosing store-bought blinds do not guarantee an exact fit for your windows and going the DIY route in installing them will not improve the situation.

The best way to make your windows impressive is to opt for custom blinds measured and installed by professionals.


Provides true value for your money

Store-bought blinds can be purchased at rock-bottom prices. Most big stores offer them in huge discounts that can tempt most homeowners. However, when your goal is to have impressive-looking, quality-made, and durable blinds, custom blinds has it all.

The extra expense is worth every penny when you see the fine textures, beautiful colours, and designs that meet all your aesthetic needs. The hardiness of custom blinds making them last a long time makes them a cheaper option in the long run.

Custom blinds are the only option to have when you want window dressings that perfectly reflect your living space and style. We are ready to listen to your ideas and work with you for you to gain the benefit of acquiring unique custom blinds that do not have to rob the bank. Try custom blinds by All Seasons Vinyl.








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