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Thinking about hiring painting services in Melbourne? You may be wondering which colours to pick when getting your home painted. Getting ideas is easier when you consider the following guide. No matter what size or shade your home is, these idea are bound to inspire you and help you pick a colour scheme which actually works. So before you hire painting services, you have a clear idea regarding the colour scheme you would pick.

  • Start by picking a bold and bright colour for the door. It make a positive statement and grabs immediate attention. A brightly coloured door looks beautiful and welcoming.
  • The entry way of your home should be painted in warm and inviting colours. However, if you are the kind of person who isn’t all about colours, you would never go wrong with bright white. Just add a touch of colour by adding vivid vertical or horizontal stripes in blue or lemon yellow to add an instant pick me up for the graceful white.
  • When painting the kitchen don’t just stick to white or off white. You can experiment with a variety of colour including sunny yellow or cool blue. Mint green works just as well. It’s all about making a smart choice. Don’t add anything too bright. This is because the kitchen should be cool and welcoming. A place where you could cook and even sit down for the meal at the kitchen island.

  • However if you can’t really think beyond white, don’t fret. There are so many shades of white which you could pull off without making things look boring. White is understated and graceful. Make sure you choose from shades ranging from alabaster, ivory, off white and pristine white.
  • Dining rooms can be bright and beautiful. Just because you entertain guests in the dining room doesn’t mean it can’t do with a splash of colour. There are so many colours which could complement the dining room. A beautiful violet or a perfectly pastel blue can do the trick. Throw in some classy looking frames and your room is good to go.
  • Choosing a colour for children’s room is sometimes tough. Just make sure you pick a colour which grows up with your kids. This means you should opt for colours which are safe and can stand the test of time. Pale blue, lime green and any other pastel shade would be a good choice.
  • Your bathroom can be your Zen place literally. A place where you can relax after a long and tiring day. Perhaps unwind in the bath or enjoy that book which you have been meaning to read while you soak your worries away in the hot tub. Sage green and dove grey are serene and beautiful and work for all kinds of bathrooms.

Finding the right shade is just about doing a bit of research and coming up with a colour scheme which works for you and your loved ones. When employing exterior painting services Melbourne it allows you to experiment with a bit with colour you can turn your home into a space which is inviting and beautiful.

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