The typical procedure of unblocking blocked drains

A blocked drain is, without a doubt, very unpleasant. Apart from the stench, it makes it impossible to use some facilities in the home.  The best news is that there are numerous methods of draining such drains. The methods can be the use of boiling water, natural cleaners, plungers, snakes, and CCTV, and excavations, among others.

You can unblock these drains by yourself. However, it is a great idea to seek the services of professionals. Blocked drains are by far the most prevalent plumbing problem, not only in the Gold coast but across the world.

The worst part is that blockages can strike when you least expect. If they are not solved, they most often result in leakages and eventually damage your priced facilities. Moreover, if they become severe, they can cause bursting of the pipes, which may turn out to be costly to repair.

You must carry out periodic assessments to determine the conditions of your drainage system. And, in case of blockage, it is essential to call a professional to deal with this situation. The company to call for blocked drains in Gold Coast can fix the problem with the following procedure.

Stage one

Once you contract a company to unblock the blocked pipes or drains in your home or business, the company will send experts to assess the situation. The experts will use the latest technology to identify exactly where the problem lies.

For precise results, the experts employ the use of cameras and CCTVs. With this set of equipment, they can identify the type of problem, and therefore determine the right way to solve it.

Stage two

Since the problem is already identified, the experts will go-ahead to plan on how to solve it. Typically, the first step to accomplish this is through a thorough inspection to determine the exact suitable method for removing the blocking substances.

On a small scale, the plumbers may employ simple methods like using a plunger. A plunger is vital, especially if the toilet or a sink is blocked.

On the other hand, if the blockages are severe, a plumber’s snake or electric eel tool can be used to solve them. The rotating power of this tool can easily break down any blocking material within the drain. The only limitation of this too is that it has a short-range. So the blocking substances must be near the opening.

The other notable method employed is using boiling water. Boiling water is the quickest method to fix blockages. It will loosen or dissolve the blockage without the need to use other means to remove the blockage. Again, note that the technique only works on metallic and ceramic pipes. If you use it on PVC pipes, the heat will loosen PVC joints. This method is useful for grease.

Stage three

This stage aims at assessing the conditions of the draining pipes, especially in large-sized drainage pipes. In most cases, the pipes will be lined with a resin liner to enhance the flow of wastes.

This process is meticulously carried out to ensure the best results. Essentially, after placing the liner, a bladder will be inserted into the pipe and inflated. This action pushes the liner against the walls of the old pipe. When it is done, the bladder is removed, and surveillance is done to confirm if the liner was well laid.




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