Sand stone tiles provide a lasting finish. Sand stone is a naturally occurring material it is quite durable and pretty much low maintenance. It can completely alter the look of your home providing it with a unique design which is aesthetically appealing. However, when you choose a sandstone tile for flooring in your home, it means you need to maintain it the proper way. With the right maintenance technique the flooring can look new, year after year.

Keeping the sandstone tiles clean

Sandstone tiles are susceptible to dirt and grit. The abrasion due to these elements can cause the tiles to become damaged. This is why it is essential to dry sweep the floor on a frequent basis. You can make use of a dry broom or a dust mop to remove small particles of Dirt from the floor. Some people even make use of a vacuum cleaner for a sandstone Floor. It works well for textured floors and can also prevent scratching. It is important to prevent dirt and grime from accumulating on the floor. This can be prevented by placing walk off mats in the entryway. These should be carried out once a week to give the floor a thorough cleaning.

Preventing spills and stains

If any spills or stain occurs on the floor it is important to get it cleaned immediately. Any spill on the floor should be blotted away and should be washed off using a light liquid detergent in water at room temperature. Make sure that you reach the floor well and right off the soft cloth. Also avoid using a great deal of cleaning fluid otherwise it would leave behind a film which might leave a stain on the floor. It is best to avoid using cleaners with acids on sand stone tiles instead it is better to avoid abrasive cleaners as well as ammonia based cleaners.

In order to clean sandstone tiles it is best to make use of green cleaners which do not have any harsh chemicals in them. Such cleaners are easily available in the supermarket and are free from acids and other abrasive chemicals.

Some extra trips for maintaining sandstone tiles

  • It is best to avoid moving heavy furniture onto the floor every now and then. Instead if you do like to change the position of the furniture you may want to make use of place mats which are placed under the legs of the furniture to prevent the floor from chipping and scratching.
  • Sandstone is quiet porous. This is why it is important that anything which is in liquid form spills on to it, it should be blotted out immediately.
  • Make sure that you’re only buy high quality sandstone tiles supplied by a trusted manufacturer.

When it comes to the installation of sandstone tiles it is necessary that you only make use of the best material. Have a detailed talk with your contractor so that they can provide you with an idea of the best kind of sandstone tiles for your project.