Month: November 2019

The typical procedure of unblocking blocked drains

A blocked drain is, without a doubt, very unpleasant. Apart from the stench, it makes it impossible to use some facilities in the home.  The best news is that there are numerous methods of draining such drains. The methods can be the use of boiling water, natural cleaners, plungers, snakes, and CCTV, and excavations, among others.

You can unblock these drains by yourself. However, it is a great idea to seek the services of professionals. Blocked drains are by far the most prevalent plumbing problem, not only in the Gold coast but across the world.

The worst part is that blockages can strike when you least expect. If they are not solved, they most often result in leakages and eventually damage your priced facilities. Moreover, if they become severe, they can cause bursting of the pipes, which may turn out to be costly to repair.

You must carry out periodic assessments to determine the conditions of your drainage system. And, in case of blockage, it is essential to call a professional to deal with this situation. The company to call for blocked drains in Gold Coast can fix the problem with the following procedure.

Stage one

Once you contract a company to unblock the blocked pipes or drains in your home or business, the company will send experts to assess the situation. The experts will use the latest technology to identify exactly where the problem lies.

For precise results, the experts employ the use of cameras and CCTVs. With this set of equipment, they can identify the type of problem, and therefore determine the right way to solve it.

Stage two

Since the problem is already identified, the experts will go-ahead to plan on how to solve it. Typically, the first step to accomplish this is through a thorough inspection to determine the exact suitable method for removing the blocking substances.

On a small scale, the plumbers may employ simple methods like using a plunger. A plunger is vital, especially if the toilet or a sink is blocked.

On the other hand, if the blockages are severe, a plumber’s snake or electric eel tool can be used to solve them. The rotating power of this tool can easily break down any blocking material within the drain. The only limitation of this too is that it has a short-range. So the blocking substances must be near the opening.

The other notable method employed is using boiling water. Boiling water is the quickest method to fix blockages. It will loosen or dissolve the blockage without the need to use other means to remove the blockage. Again, note that the technique only works on metallic and ceramic pipes. If you use it on PVC pipes, the heat will loosen PVC joints. This method is useful for grease.

Stage three

This stage aims at assessing the conditions of the draining pipes, especially in large-sized drainage pipes. In most cases, the pipes will be lined with a resin liner to enhance the flow of wastes.

This process is meticulously carried out to ensure the best results. Essentially, after placing the liner, a bladder will be inserted into the pipe and inflated. This action pushes the liner against the walls of the old pipe. When it is done, the bladder is removed, and surveillance is done to confirm if the liner was well laid.




Carpet Cleaning in Hervey Bay

A carpet is a floor covering material or textile made from wool and synthetic fibres such as polypropylene, polyester, and nylon. The main purpose of a carpet on the floor is to provide warmth to the feet of a residence. The carpets prevent the feet from the cold from the concrete, tiles or on the wooden floors. Additionally, carpets provide aesthetics to the room and improve its appearance. Different patterns and colours of the carpets blend with room decoration to give improved interior decor. Their prices depend on the type of material a carpet is made from, ranging from the most expensive woollen hand-knotted types to the light synthetic polyester carpets. The most expensive carpets are synonymous with the wealthy high to middle-class families while the common carpets are those made from synthetic materials. Having a carpet is a good idea; the problem is the maintenance and cleaning. Some are cheap and easy to clean, while the most expensive types can be daunting to maintain and clean. To relieve you from this daunting task of carpet cleaning, there are cleaning companies that have mastered the art of carpet cleaning, and it is part of their daily job. Their experience and expertise leaves your carpets as clean as new no matter the type and material your carpet is made of. They have state-of-the-art tools and equipment that will make their cleaning easy. Not everybody can do the perfect carpet cleaning, and it takes experience and expertise to have a sparkling clean carpet.


Carpet cleaning tools and equipment

There are professional carpet cleaning tools and equipment which include the following;

  • Portable extractors

These are carpet cleaning machines used by professional carpet cleaners; they come in a wide range of portable cleaners with different cleaning capabilities and horsepower. They also vary in prices according to their cleaning and extraction capabilities and power consumption. The higher the horsepower of the carpet cleaning machine, the less time required for cleaning and the more productivity to the cleaning professional. Portable extractors use reroute bypass technology in their operating system.

  • Low moisture carpet cleaner

This is a multi-wash machine that makes carpet cleaning so simple. It is highly flexible, reduces environmental impact and enhanced productivity. It is a multipurpose machine that allows other types of flooring surfaces to be sparkle clean apart from carpets. It is a perfect option for commercial grade carpet cleaning that leaves floors and carpets clean and dry ready to walk in minutes. The side brushes on the machine allow edge cleaning and hard-to-reach places on the floor. Its low moisture in nature revitalises carpet fibre and minimises allergens and bacteria in carpets. The machine itself produces low noise during cleaning hence suitable for busy places like hospitals, airports, restaurants, etc.

Qualities of a good carpet cleaning company

  • A quality carpet cleaning company should provide extra services like upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning services, rug cleaning and all sorts of stain removal activities both in residential and commercial premises.
  • It should provide its customers with discounted services and use sophisticated tools and equipment. Tools and equipment used by a company should provide efficiency and quick cleaning services for better satisfaction of their clients.
  • A cleaning company should have experienced staff and portray quality workmanship by leaving carpets and floors as clean as new.
  • They should be available throughout the clock and respond to the calls from their clients fast.

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