Month: October 2019

Why Choose Ducted Air Conditioning

There are many types of air conditioning units available in the Gold Coast, but among them, it is ducted air conditioning that rises above the rest. Some may not be as convinced as this option is more expensive than the others, but considering all the benefits it can provide, leaning towards choosing ducted air conditioning is highly recommended.


Why choose ducted air conditioning?


Is ducted air conditioning recommended on Gold Coast? Read the benefits of ducted air conditioning unit:


It can cool a huge space in the fastest and most comprehensive manner


The system is highly capable of cooling a huge space in minutes of operation. You do not need to wait for so long to feel the comfort inside a room, as in a switch of a button, the area will be cooled immediately.


The centrally managed thermostat allows users to control the temperature in a room in a flick of a finger and a minute to feel the comfort.


This is a perfect choice for larger homes


Other than the fact that this system can cool a huge space, every room in the house, first or on the second floor, has its capacity to control the temperature they want to achieve. For instance, a family is eating gracefully at the dining area, turning the air conditioning on to cool the space well can be done while the rest of the rooms air conditioning is off.


Zoning is another reason why this is a better choice compared to other units. The power of the system can be concentrated on just one room or spread out to different rooms. Every room has its switch; hence, you are allowed to choose which rooms need air conditioning, which rooms do not.


Easy to control


All you need is a flick of a finger, and your entire home will be cooled. Most of the time, the switch is placed in a high traffic area in your home, so it is very accessible.

Also, this system allows its users to set timers. Hence, you can set the time when you want the ducted air conditioning system to turn on and when to turn off. If you want to be welcomed by a cool air the moment you step inside your home, set the timer to turn on a few minutes before you land home.


Seamless look


This is a perfect choice for those who want to maintain the classy look of their homes or commercial spaces. The air conditioning vents and ducts are all hidden behind the walls or ceilings. Hence, you should not worry about the overall look of your home, as it will be kept as is even after installation.


The only ones on display are the control panel and the air conditioning ducts, therefore, making your home look neat and organised.


Less noise


This type of air conditioning unit works in silence. You do not need to worry about sleepless nights as the ductless air conditioning will flush you with cool air without the noise.


Now that you know all the benefits this type of air conditioning can provide, would you still not consider it? Choose the right brand of air conditioning and the most qualified installers to enjoy all these benefits and more.



The cost of building a house in Brisbane

How much will you spend on constructing a house? The cost of building a home doesn’t have an exact figure.  Numerous factors influence the final price. Still, there is a need to have a rough idea of what to expect is vital.

House builders Brisbane have their mechanism of asses the cost of erecting a home. But then again, this varies. The most crucial factor that alters the cost is the price of land, which varies with geographical location.

Building costs at a glance

The cost of building a house is rated per square metre (sqm.). Currently, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) places this cost at an average of $1270.80 per sqm. Note that building starts with designing, site works, unforeseen expenses, and of course the planning permits. Unfortunately, this price does not consider these aspects. So the building cost may be a bit higher.

Different people choose different sizes of the house. This will rely on the size of land you have, and or the ability to build a house. Of course, the larger the home you make, the more money you’ll spend. An average person builds a house-sized 251.7sqm as per the ABS Buildings Approvals report of 2018.  If you want to make a house designed by architecture, you’ll pay more.

Factors affecting house building cost

Building a house is a great investment. Therefore, it should be well planned to achieve the desired goal. To achieve this, you need to consider the following:


Naturally, the bigger the house, the more money you’ll spend. This starts with the cost of land to the value of the material. A large house requires a large piece of land.

Similarly, it requires more materials to accomplish the construction. In some cases, the house may require specialised equipment and materials, especially if you are building a house with more than one floor. Do not forget the cost of labour!

House complexity

A simple house requires simple material and equipment. However, if you plan to build on a house with a sophisticated design, you’ll invest in it more money. For instance, homes that are designed by architects can be very complex in design. They need well-trained contractors like Newstart Home Builders located in Brisbane to build them correctly. This can be very costly.


Construction site

Where you plan to build your house determines the final cost of construction. Some sites are rugged or sloppy. As such, they’ll need levelling.  Still, other sites might need clearing to remove vegetation. Modifying such land to the desired land impacts significantly on cost.

The terrain of land plays a significant role in determining the type of structure to erect. To get the best out of the site, you need an architect to assess the suitability of the site. Other things that affect the cost are state requirements.

Quality of materials

Different materials come at different prices. Some materials are cheap. Such materials have more often are of low quality. If you elect to use such materials, then undoubtedly, the general cost will be below. By contrast, high-quality material is costly. Besides, they require high levels of skills to install them so that they can give an outstanding finish.

Other costs

There are usually some unforeseen costs. Builders call them budget blow-outs. These are costs that arise due to the changes you make on the original plan. If you make significant changes, the price might significantly rise.